Omo Obatala Egbe is committed to vibrant programs and activities that serve and educate the community. Our programs include:

  • International Orisa Conference
  • Annual Kwanzaa Celebration
  • Community Service, Cultural Forums and Events

Kulu Mele African American Dance Ensemble Performing Elegba at our 2012 Conference –Dancing Across Sacred Traditions

International Annual Orisa Conference

Our annual conference brings together international artists, activists, dancers, educators, anthropologists, ministers, priests and initiates to weave a tapestry of understanding and wisdom that improves the fabric of our existence as human beings. We strive to make a difference by educating the public and expanding our reach.

Past Conferences

Year Conference Theme Location
1998 Obatala in the Diaspora: An African Beginning and New World Interpretations Pawling, NY
1999 Growth of the Orisa Family in the Diaspora Pawling, NY
2000 Celebrating Orisha Through the Arts Pawling, NY
2001 Gender in the Yoruba Tradition Pawling, NY
2002 EGUN: The Key to the Foundation, Transformation & Evolution of our SPIRIT Pawling, NY
2003 Obatala: Manifesting the Light Within Bywr Mawr, PA
2004 Preserving, Defending & Supporting Our Religion East Stroudsburg, PA
2005 The Fellowship of Obatala: “The Heart and Soul of Tradition” East Stroudsburg, PA
2006 Saving Mother Earth: The African Traditionalist Perspective East Stroudsburg, PA
2007 The Roads to Ori Ire: Healing Mind, Body & Spirit East Stroudsburg, PA
2008 Power of the Cloth Ellenville, NY
2009 Music: The Sacred, The Healing, The Blessing Ellenville, NY
2010 Rebirthing Your Spirit Kerhonkson, NY
2011 Joy, Laughter and Happiness Utilizing These Sacred Attributes of the Yoruba Deities Kerhonkson, NY
2012 Dancing Across Sacred Traditions Kerhonkson, NY
2013 Ase, Ache, Ashe, Axe: Living & Learning Through Our Cultural Traditions Kerhonkson, NY


Annual Community Kwanzaa CelebrationOrisa Show and Tell

The annual community Kwanzaa is held every December and is an opportunity for the entire public to come together to celebrate the principles of the “Nguzo Saba.” The Egbe believes firmly in exuding principles of collective work and responsibility as well as creativity, unity and self determination. It is through these principles that our Kwanzaa celebration grows. We have a community day of food, entertainment vendors, and educational games for children. In addition, we donate books and gifts for youth in the community. For more information email us at

Community Service Projects

We have been dedicated to serving the community in various ways that speak to being of service and to provide to those in need. Our community service projects have included book, food and clothing drives.