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Highlighted Events

Friday Night, October 26,2018

Oro to Egun/Tribute to the Ancestors

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Orisa Song and Dance Workshop

Sunday, October 28, 2018 –Pre-Dawn

Agua De Oxala CeremonyThe Waters of Obatala

In Brazil, the ceremony called, Agua de Oxala, Waters of Obatala, is the first activity, commemorating the three weeks of ceremonies and drumming celebrating the Orisa – Obatala / Oxala. The first celebration is in honor of Odudu; the second to Oxalufon; and, the third to Oxagiyan. In Salvador da Bahia, Iyalorisa Oseye Mchawi has taken members of the Omo Obatala Egbe and the community to this ceremony at the terrerio, commonly known as Casa Branca, which means White House. It’s official name is Ile Axe Ya Nasso. This terreiro – Candomble – Yoruba temple sits atop a hill in the neighborhood called Engenho Velho de Federacao (Old Mill of Federation) — is a mostly poor neighborhood set on the territory of what was a sugarcane plantation (hence the engenho, or mill, which served to process the cane).

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Commemorative Journal

Every we produce a professional journal to commemorate the conference and all of the presenters and contributors of the conference. You are invited to submit a journal greeting to highlight your business, celebrate a member of the Egbe or a presenter.

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