Ayan to Obatala for World Peace and Healing| Por La Sanación y La Paz del Mundo

Date: Sunday, December 21, 2014

Time:  2 pm – 6 pm

 Location: Adam Clayton Powell Jr Building

163 West 125 Street – Art Gallery

Manhattan, New York 10027

Please wear white in honor of Obatala & World Peace and bring 1 Efun for Obatala.

The New York participation to this nationwide event, World Peace and Healing /Por la Sanacion y La Paz del Mundo is a collaboration with The Diaspora Cultural Center, Omo Obatala Egbe, Inc., AYA-ERE.org, OloshasUnited.com and the greater Orisa community of New York.

About this Event: We are encouraging olorishas, regardless of the system that they follow, to show their support for world peace by wearing white during World Peace and Healing week, which begins on December 10, 2014, lasting until December 21, 2014.

We are suggesting that every city plan, host and participate in the three proposed activities:

  1. Agban for Babalu Aye
  2. Wemilere (Añá, Ayán, drumming) for Obatalá
  3. Wearing white for ten days (Dec 10 – 21, 2014)

Please join us as we pray for the health and well-being of our communities!

There are many ways you can help with this event. Visit our website www.OmoObatalaEgbe.org to volunteer your time and services and to make a donation toward the expenses. You can also contact us at 718-481-7886 (Voice mail/Fax). 

To make a contribution to this event please click on the button below:


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